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"Born and raised on the Northside of Pittsburgh, I have experienced the worst this region has to offer, and I don't want you to suffer my same plight. We need to create more affordable housing, make this city livable for Black women, increase both living wage jobs and access to paid sick leave and make public safety a priority. As a seated County Councilwoman, I've learned how to reach across the aisle and find solutions, navigate the complicated governmental system, and get things done. I'm proud to represent the people of the 13th district". 
District 13 Communities:
Allegheny County Jail (ACJ)
I would commit to obtaining new leadership and reforming ACJ to make it a more habitable as well as humane place for our incarcerated population. This starts with firing the present warden. The deaths in the jail over the past two years are devastating and I believe the loss of these lives was in most cases, avoidable. In addition, these conditions are not just applicable to adults at ACJ. I would also advocate for trauma informed care at juvenile detention centers. 

As County Executive, I would take my seat on the Jail Oversight Board in order to work on actionable solutions and to strengthen community partnerships with the jail. I would use my seat on the board and my position to foster more transparency from jail administration and push for accountability. 
Police/Public Saftey 

There are over 100 police departments in Allegheny County, and each department has its own unique policies and procedures. As County Executive I would continue the work started through the creation of the Independent Police Review Board to establish a single standard of policing for our County. In addition, I will support areas that are interested in regionalization as a means to support the goal of a uniform expectation for police officers in our County.

I would also offer support to departments for the purchase of body worn cameras and for the storage of the footage the cameras gather. This is an achievable measure that I feel can be accomplished across all police departments in the County.
Public Transportation
People in Allegheny County still do not have access to reliable transportation. This leaves people in our county without reliable transportation to jobs, grocers, education, worship and prohibits them from living fully. Ensuring access to reliable transportation will greatly improve the quality of life for Allegheny County residents.

I would continue my work finding funding to support innovative solutions, like the SNAP pilot program that seek to better connect people to transportation. Everyone deserves access to safe and reliable public transportation no matter where they are located in the county. People from Clairton all the way to Bellevue should have the same access to transportation. As County Executive I will work to create more equity when it comes to access to transportation as well as free fares for our neediest residents. 

Allegheny County has some of the worst recorded air quality in the United States. I vow to use the resources at the Allegheny County Health Department to promote clean energy industries and jobs. In addition to this, I will use the resources available through the newly created Sustainability Department to educate residents of the county on actions we all can take to promote sustainability. Especially for residents who live in the Mon Valley.


Through our work on County Council we have been exploring the benefits and process of composting, and as County Executive I would look at how we can dispose of food waste more responsibly. County facilities such as the Allegheny County Jail and Kane Assisted Living Facilities are examples of places where we can decrease our food waste and global footprint through sustainable initiatives. I would lean on the experts in our region for best practices and ways to improve our county practices that support sustainability goals.

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